Kerala has a number of indigenous produce used to make ingenious products that help in day-to-day life without harming the environment. To beat the heat of the Kerala summer, a range of products like Ramacham vishari (fan made of Vettiver) and sleeping mats made of Ramacham and thailam or perfume extracted from its roots are used. Even though their purposes are better served today by the modern electrical amenities, they still are luxurious ethnic items seen in Kerala homes and much better for the environment.

Botanically, Ramacham is Vettiveria zezanoides and its grass and roots are widely utilised for their potent medicinal purposes. Kerala has its unique version of the poor man's air conditioner, which is a device fashioned from water, Ramacham roots, and an electric motor. The breeze from this contraption is not only refreshingly cool, but also healthy. Bits of the roots of this plant are put in the earthen water pots to give a sweet undertone to drinking water. Drinking such water is also believed to bring down high body temperature quickly.

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