• Elegance brings you Sri Lalitha Sahasranama Sthothram in Engraved Wooden Box | Ancient Textured Malayalam Scribe in Wooden Engraved Box | Kerala Traditional Thaliyola Design |
  • Ancient rishis used palm leaves for recording their knowledge, which was transferred from one generation to another. Later the tradition of palm leaf manuscripts got transformed , and with the commencement of paper, the tradition got forgotten by the new generation. Elegance has took an initiative to bring the tradition alive in association with ECOSPEL. Sri Lalithasahasranamam is printed on the finely processed laminated paper, that resembles palm leaf.
  • Sri Lalitha sahasranamasthothram malayalam - 1 unit
  • Wooden engraved box - 1 Unit
  • It is a cure for all types of fever, and gives rise to long life, It will bless you with son (that too first son) and gives three types of wealth. This special prayer of goddess which pleases Lalitha Devi very much , Should be chanted daily after worshipping of Lalitha.

Elegance Central Sri Lalitha Sahasranama Sthothram in Engraved Wooden Box