• Elegance Central brings you glass cutting kit consisting of Diamond Tipped Glass cutter and Glass grinding stone for smooth cuts on glass. This is a most basic and simple cutter for cutting glass in both straight and curve.
  • Elegance Central Diamond Tipped Glass Cutter | High Precision Diamond Tipped Golden Glass Cutter with Metal Body & Grip |
  • Please make sure, that you are purchasing the glass cutter & hand pad directly from Elegance Central. We have not authorised any other firm to market this product. This product is completely owned, manufactured and marketed by Elegance Central only. Cutter head is engraved with Elegance Central to ensure the product authenticity. Product of India.
  • Dimensions of hand pad: Length 3.5inch, Width 2.5inch, Weight 40 gram.
  • This can be used on glasses varies 3mm - 12mm.

Elegance Central Glass Cutter kit - Diamond Tipped Glass Cutter and Diamond pad