• Ecospel brings you a complete plant moisture food combo . coir and vermi compost combo.
  • Vermicompost and coir compost are a nutrient rich organic supplement used in home gardening for healthy & fast growth of plants.
  • ➤ ACCELERATE GROWTH - This potting mix helps in promoting the plants to grow 10% faster than when grown in the normal soil. The potting mix has been found to drain well while holding
  • ➤ READY TO USE - This potting mix is with the right composition that a plant needs and is ready to use without the addition of any other accompaniments. ➤ WATER RETENTION AND DRAINAGE - This mix has the excellent drainage and water retention capabilities while holding the proper amount of moisture that your plant needs.

Ecospel Plants Moisture Food Combo | Coir Compost and Vermi Compost Combo | 1kg