• Ecospel brings you Double plants meal combo. ultimate plant food special combo for flowering, fruiting , crops etc.
  • Ecospel Brings you 5 in 1 mix Multipurpose Fertilizer. The mix contains neem cake, groundnut cake, chaulmoogra cake, caster cake, pungam cake Fertilizers. Neem cake organic manure protects plant roots from nematodes, oil grubs and white ants probably due to its residual limonoid content.
  • Neem cake is widely used in India to fertilize paddy, cotton and sugarcane. It increases crop yield and improves poor quality land. Manure improves soil texture, recycles nitrogen and introduces essential bacteria. Pasture is improved so animals fatten up quicker
  • it will improve aeration, helping to break up compacted soil.The pack contains powdered cowdung for easy gardening usage.

Ecospel Plants Meal Combo Pack of 2 | Cow Dung & Anchukootu Combo Pack |