• Ecospel Brings you Ramacham Scrubber & Pumice Stone Combo –
  • A Complete Body Scrub Combo
  • Natural care for your natural skin (Vetiver roots scrubber).Bath scrubbers made from the roots of vetiver grass .amacham scrubber fully hand woven and reusable for several times . 100% natural ,anti bacterial and it helps normalize oily skin and clear acne
  • The pumice stone can exfoliate away calluses, stains and dead skin and will leave your skin looking fresh and smooth. You can wear any shoes you want (or even go barefoot) without worrying about how your feet look. Notice Don't use a pumice stone on sore, red areas or open skin. Never attempt to remove hardened skin or calluses with metal tools, razor blades or steel wool volcanic pumice stones are completely safe.
  • Pack Contains Vetriver Bath Scrub(10g) - 1 unit, Vetriver Back Scrub(50g) - 1 Unit & Pumice Stone - 1 Unit

Ecospel 100% Vetriver Scrub With Pumice Stone Combo | Complete Body Scrub Combo